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Meet The Contributor of this Site

My name is Jakub Szulc. I work as an Ecommerce Manager and consultant for several Online Stores. I have a strong background in Online Marketing, Sales Techniques, Brand Development, and Product Management. All of these skills have been tested and verified through my own business activities.

I firmly believe that there is much we can learn as individuals. However, the skills you have personally acquired through your experiences should be shared with those who need them.

My Career

During my career, I developed a private label business that operated on Amazon.com and collaborated with manufacturers in China. This venture significantly enhanced my brand development skills and strategic planning abilities. However, as the market became oversaturated and profitability declined, I swiftly transitioned into the production of smart modular offices.

Simultaneously, I ran an e-commerce store catering to the construction industry. I must say, it was a challenging endeavor, but it taught me invaluable lessons.

Prior to all these experiences, I managed a small seasonal Kiteboarding School called “Kite Story,” employing ten individuals. Although I eventually sold the business to further my personal growth and development, the school still thrives. During my time there, I gained extensive knowledge of online marketing. Additionally, as the business involved trading kites, I acquired skills in web design, SEO, and various marketing techniques.

Following that chapter, I embarked on several small business ventures and eventually gravitated toward online services. As a marketing and SEO freelancer, I provided my expertise to clients.

Subsequently, my solid background in e-commerce led me to work as an e-commerce consultant. This role paved the way for my current position as a brand strategist and e-commerce manager in a rapidly expanding company, where I am actively engaged.

My free time activities

In the past, I also dabbled in web design and explored the realm of being a YouTuber. Through this journey, I acquired valuable video editing skills. Currently, I am focusing on growing my blog while occasionally taking on roles as a marketing and sales consultant. Moreover, I have a keen interest in the global economy, financial matters, and personal wisdom. There’s a wealth of knowledge and insights to delve into within these areas.

As for my hobbies, in case anyone inquires, they include kitesurfing, maintaining reef aquariums, tropical gardening, and practicing meditation.

Over time, I gradually realized that it can be challenging to utilize my entire range of experiences within a single lifetime. Therefore, I decided to compile and share my knowledge here, in case it can be of help to someone else.

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