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About Best For Ecommerce Project

Best For Ecommerce is a Project that was made from the beginning to help You develop Ecommerce Skills. It was an answer to the lack of easily accessible Ecommerce knowledge on the internet. We want to bring the most useful Tips and Tools into one place where You will be able to easily find many practical aspects that should help in Your work.

Whether You are a Big-Budget Ecommerce Director, Small online shop owner, Ecommerce Manager, Product Manager, or Marketing Manager. This site is for You.

You can develop here Your knowledge and bring it to the next level regardless of Your current competencies. We try to make articles useful for experienced Ecommerce Veterans as well as beginners.

Slowly as this site will grow, we plan to bring here more Online Specialists so that they can share their knowledge too.

Meet the Contributor of this Site

My name is Jakub Szulc. I am an active Ecommerce Manager and consultant in several Online Stores. I have a solid background in Online Marketing, Sales Techniques, Brand Developing, and Product Managing. All this was tested and verified in my own business activities.

At the beginning of my carrier, I spent a lot of time working as a salesman. Good customer service and Sales Techniques were my tools for success. I tried also to work in a production company as a designer and manager. Then I slowly developed my business skills. Right after I was running my own 3 Businesses where I gained Project Management, Planning, and Strategic skills.

After that, there were also a couple of small business attempts so I finally drifted to Online Services and worked as a Marketing and SEO Freelancer.

Then I started to work as an eCommerce consultant because I Had a pretty decent background in that, and that led me to become a Brand Strategist and Ecommerce Manager in a growing Company where I am active now.

Privately I tried to be a Youtuber – then I learned video editing skills. Marketing Freelancer even Web Designer. I am also interested in Global Economy and Financial Widom. There’s a lot of these things…

My hobbies (just if someone asks me): Kitesurfing, Reef Aquariums, Tropical Gardening, and Meditation.

I slowly realized that it is hard to use my whole experience in one life. So I decided to put it here in case somebody else would need it.

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